The Potato Couple: She Was My Childhood Friend, And Now She’s My Partner In Crime

We’re Jason & Ymei from Penang, Malaysia. I made J&Y Productions, and I’m the creator behind the comic books The Potato Couple.

I draw anything that happens between us, and from all around us. Here is a small selection from my comic collection about my life and a potato relationship.

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When you accidentally neglected her for too long

I was too naive back then

Every morning, I become a snake


“You are my sun, and I am the earth. Together we form a solar system”

Pickup lines

Hakuna matata

Tiny hands

It gave me a mini heart attack

This is why I have trust issues

Fart exhaust

You have very good connectivity

Lazy rainy day

Sleeping beauty

Work vs life

Headache is deadly

She hates excessive tickling

Memories in school

We call this the escalator love

We all have this little pillow we can’t sleep without

Not funny, this is not funny

Gotta catch ’em all

Sundae cone with air

She can’t board the plane without her little pillow


Morpheus would approve this

Nope, no cleaning



Not gonna wash the bedsheet for a year

It’s painful to see

Dessert is the best medicine

Mr Jack, I accept Paypal too

Bloody hot

How to talk to short people

Short girls problem

What we usually do at home



Every single time

85% of those who were injured by papers die of excessive blood loss and intense pain

Dear ancestors, please let me kena lottery, I will burn 3 bungalows, 5 BMW, 2 Mercedes, 10 Rolex watches, and 5 maids for you…

Your friends just wanna see the world burn

Does it feel nice?

Also, when I park under some trees, they give me tonnes of shit

When your boyfriend plays with your cheeks all the time and you’re already used to it

Her ANAL-ysis scared the shit out of me

My melting point. I kennot…

Weekend is over

I have no idea how that pink cookie taste like, so I gave it a try

Come… have my kidney… both of them… for technology…

Long distance relationship problem

i could only kiss you on the screen and photographs

I call her little piglet

I am a proud “penagih kopi”

Tell them this whenever they ask this same question

So are you!

I kinda like this cooling weather tho…

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